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Germany - Tübingen

A comparative study on bilateral spastic cerebral palsy between south-west Germany and western Sweden


Year cross-sectional study birth cohort: 1975-1986
Geographic area covered: south-west Germany in comparison to western Sweden
Adverse health event or disability registered: bilateral spastic CP (BS-CP)
Number of cases / year: 21
Number of live births / year: 17,000

Administrative information

University Children’s Hospital, Department of Pediatric neurology; Hoppe-Seyler-Str.1, 72076 Tübingen, Germany
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge:
Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann, MD, Prof. of Pediatrics (ingeborg.kraegeloh-mann@med.uni-tuebingen.de) and Veronka Horber, MD, PhD
Resposible: SCPE Reference and Training Manual (RTM)
SCPE center code: C10