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The Danish Cerebral Palsy Register
(Det Danske Cerebral Parese Register)


Year CP register established: 1950
Year 1st birth cohort registered: 1950
Geographic area covered: Denmark (100% from 1995 excl. Faroe Island and Greenland; eastern Denmark 1950-1994)
Adverse health event or disability registered: Cerebral palsy
Population in the area: 5,400,000 inhabitants (2015)
Number of cases / year: 130
Number of live births / year: 64,000
Principal data sources: The National Hospitalisation Register

Administrative information

Address of the register:
National Institute of Public Health (SIF), University of Southern Denmark, Oster farimagsgade 5A, 1399 Cph, Denmark
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge:
Peter Uldall, clinical professor of neuropediatrics (peter.uldall@rh.regionh.dk) and Gija Rackauskaite, MD, PhD
SCPE center code: C12
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