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Register of Cerebral Palsy of Croatia (RCP-HR)


Year CP register established: 2011
Year 1st birth cohort registered: 2003
Geographic area covered: 87% of Croatia
Adverse health event or disability registered: Cerebral palsy
Population in the area: 3,700,000 (2015)
Number of cases / year: approx. 65
Number of live births / year: 36,000-41,000

Administrative information

Address of the register:
Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Department of Neuropediatrics, Klaićeva 16, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge:
Vlatka Mejaški Bošnjak, MD, PhD, professor of child neurology (vlatka.mejaskibosnjak@gmail.com)
SCPE center code: C28
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