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R&T Manual

The aim of the SCPE Reference and Training manual (R&T Manual) is to promote a shared understanding of the words and phrases used to describe the clinical, functional and neurological features of CP. Text and video material are used to illustrate these features and discuss pitfalls in diagnosis and classification.

The RTM is for health professionals who are compiling CP registers and those wishing to enter data onto the SCPE database and for training purposes for health professionals interested in children with cerebral palsy.

Access: If you would like to access this section, please log in "My SCPE".
1. You will then receive an e-mail asking for confirmation. After returning your confirmation, you will be able to log in and access the R&T Manual.
2. The examples and cases illustrated with video material require a second registration process. To grant access to these sections, R&T Manual authors require health professionals to provide position and affiliation for data protection reasons. Mean time for validation of the request to access is 1 day.

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