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CP Register of Western Sweden (CPWS)

Date CP register started: 1971 (comprises birth years 1954-)
Adverse health event or disability registered
: Cerebral palsy
Geographic area covered:
Western Sweden
Population in the area: 2,100,000 inhabitants
Number of cases / year : ~50
Enumeration of the principal data sources: children’s hospital records, maternal records, local habilitation records, regional habilitation records (inpatient records and spasticity clinic), CPUP database, personal communication with the child’s neuropediatrician and/or members of the habilitation team (therapists etc.), clinical examination of the child.

Administrative information

Address of the register:
Regional Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Adolescents, Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, Box 210 62, 418 04 Göteborg, Sweden
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge:

Kate Himmelmann, Pediatric neurologist, PhD
SCPE center code:
Contact information:
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