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Madrid Cerebral Palsy Register (DIMAS)

Registro de Parálisis Cerebral de Madrid - (Discapacidad en la Infancia Madrid-Sur)

Date CP register started: 2005
Adverse health event or disability registered: Cerebral palsy
Geographic area covered: one Health District of Madrid
Number of the population in the area: 650,000 inhabitants
Number of cases / year: 12
Enumeration of the principal data sources: Health information system (medical records from hospital stays, neuropaediatric and paediatric hospital departments, neonatal follow-up programme, primary health care information system); Social services (early care centers, disability assessment centers); Education centres; Madrid Statistics Institute.

Administrative information

Address of the register:
Unidad de Investigación Clínica - Servicio de Neonatología
IMAS12, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre,
CAA 6D - Glorieta de Málaga, 28041 Madrid
Name, speciality the scientific professional in charge: Javier de la Cruz, epidemiologist; Carmen Pallás, neonatologist
SCPE code: C18
Contact informationdimas@h12o.es